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Catan and Carcassonne

Settlers of Catan on Xbox Live Arcade is by far my favorite game on this so far. I have downloaded Carcassone also due to Carl's recommendation; but I have only gone through the tutorial as of now.


Still waiting on some more players for Catan; so far Eric and Sara, Chris and I have it downloaded for play. Soon, Jake will be on it when I buy him an early Christmas present of another Xbox 360; since the nerd sold it to Pat (and what a waste for Pat to even have one with no reliable internet). Anyway, we have enjoyed many evenings of rolling dice, trading and building settlements/cities/roads. I hope the intrest for these board games go well; so they will consider putting more board games on XBLA. That would be so nice to have some Risk, Puerto Rico, and better yet Twilight Imperium on this media. Now I know I am wishing big, lol.


The Hunt for a Wedding Venue

Finding a wedding and reception spot has thus far been a challenge. We would research a place on the Internet, only to find out those gorgeous pictures didn't portray what the place <i>really<i> looked like. In this post, I'll discuss three we've seen: The Black-Eyed Susan, Liriodendron and the Grey Rock.




The Black-Eyed Susan was the first we visited. It's a working double-paddle-wheel boat which cruises the Baltimore City Inner Harbor.

Sara had found out that they do brunch cruises, so we decided to find out what it was like for ourselves. The end result was a mixed review: We liked and disliked the idea.


We liked it for the uniqueness of the idea. The paddle-wheels were very soothing, and seeing the Inner Harbor and Fort McHenry in this way was unique and exciting. Fort McHenry even more so because we went very near where the Star Spangled Banner was written. The straw-hatted banjo player looked and sounded as if he came straight from The Music Man . The crew was relaxed, but professional. I loved the cast iron spiral staircase in the rear of the ship. The inside of the lower deck was air conditioned, whereas the upper was open.


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Game Review: Puzzle Quest, Challenge of the Warlords

Puzzle Quest totally rocks! See an overview here. Download at least the demo now. This is the second entry on my "must-buy" list of things on XBLA, along with Assault Heroes. (Is it weird that I haven't bought anything on my must-buy list?) The game is also available for PC, DS, and PSP, and is slated to arrive on Wii, PS2, and Cell phones.

It's like a two-player Bejeweled, with each player taking turns on the same board trying to make at least 3 gems in a row. If you knock out four in a row, you get another turn right away. The gems you clear away will either give you mana for spells or do damage to your opponent. When you have enough mana, you can choose to cast spells on yourself or your opponent with a variety of effects.

Add to that some RPG elements like a lightweight story, equippable items, and character improvement, and you have a rockin' time. Try it today!


Pat's Rating system:

  • How much would I pay for the game? Oh, probably in the $30 range would be my upper limit. Thankfully, it is only $10-15 on XBLA, so that is well within reason. But should I wait for the Wii version?
  • How many times would I replay it? Repeatedly. The demo doesn't save your progress and only has a 30-minute storyline, and it limits you to level 7, but I've played through it 3 times. Add multiplayer and XBL-multiplayer and you've got something.

Your Mom is a tech-savvy blogger!

Whatever skills I have just aquired, I owe thanks to Pat who spent his day at the office on 10/12/07 right here in downtown Bloomsdale!

Churches use Halo 3 to Spread the Word

I thought some of you might find this interesting: Some churches have begun to use Halo 3 to spread the Word to teens. There's also some debate apparently going on as to whether or not this is appropriate.


Halo 3 is a violent game, but it does have fairly clear-cut "right and wrong" sides. The storyline warns of the dangers of blindly and zealously following the teachings of false prophets. On one hand, it shows forgiveness and the ability to accept a former enemy as an ally once they have repented. On the other hand, it also warns of the dangers of aligning with an unrepentant enemy to destroy another, when all signs say to not trust them.


It's a curious concept. Will the net gain be positive? I guess only time will tell.


Hattip Slashdot Games.


The Purpose of Playgrounds

I just realized that playgrounds aren't about fun. They aren't for improving coordination, or for better social relationships.

They exist only to wear the little creatures out.

Halo 3

Well, Halo 3 finally made it here--and with a blast. $170 million on opening day, including almost a year's worth of pre-orders. That's just amazing. By comparison, Star Wars Episode III, the highest box office of the six films, brought in $108 million on it's first weekend.


The graphics are nice and clean, as per the Halo series' look-and-feel throughout . There may be a time when Halo comes out with a dark-and-gritty Gears of War version, but thankfully it's not this one. Tone down the graphics a few notches, and the styles could come from any of the games. They are a nice evolution from Halo and Halo 2.

Multiplayer maps are a lot of fun. The weapons have been better-balanced, and now include hard-hitting portable turrets to take out vehicles. New defensive grenades are an added feature. They may be a portable shield bubble which protects from all incoming fire, a power-drain which makes the enemy more vulnerable, a blinding flare, a portable anti-grav mine or more. They all make for some curious uses, and will be interesting to see as more players accept them and find different ways to use. Throw a grav mine just in front of an oncoming vehicle which flips the car? Help out your teammate by putting a health bubble around him? They don't seem to be much used now, but the potential is certainly there.


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A funeral...

I had a friend who was a clown.

When he died, all his friends went to the funeral in one car.

I ponder.....

OK, so what’s the speed of dark?

Kaylee's Bodacious Birthday Bash

09/30/2007 - 13:00
09/30/2007 - 18:00

Come one, come all, to to a party meant for a princess. At the Bloomsdale Park

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